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Our purpose of  existence it`s to serve human Kind using the Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom, to achieve better understanding in prevention and cure of many diseases that afflict human beings. 

Our main goal, is to contribute for the better understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Giving support with knowledge and materials about T.C.M. to people in general.

We are Health Professionals educated from western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and specially engaged with TCM in our daily practice.

Making a briefly explanation about TCM role in our present world, for those friends that are not familiar with it, we would like to say the following:

At present, the biggest achievement in the medical field that human beings have done is Western Medicine and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).Western medicine specializes in treating approximately 30% of all man's diseases, such as: first aid; surgeries; the prevention of the spreading of epidemic diseases; and sustaining life functions by the use of modern facilities and equipment. Whereas TCM excels with the treatment of 70% of human diseases, such as: chronic inflammation; chronic pain; functional imbalance; immune system disorders; viral infections; proliferative diseases; degenerative conditions; senility problems; commonly encountered syndromes; sub-health status; and other chronic and difficult health problems.

We know that Western Medicine is the preferred solution for acute conditions, however the number of people choosing the green, and safe, medicine is growing daily. Rather than Western medicine, which is based on chemical drugs along with their side effects and their disconforts, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based upon natural plants. The comprehensive and flexible treatment strategies bring about fantastic results based on herbal treatment, acupuncture and massage rather than the invasive methods of Western medicine. It is now our special honor to share this millennia old medicine with you and other friends all over the world.

In this website, we share all the relevant information that we are collecting over the past years, related to health in general, with the main emphasis in T.C.M.

We studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) both in Europe and China. We have been to China many times already, which let us had access to both cultures and realities. 

Knowing Chinese culture quite well, allowed us to have a deeper understanding about TCM culture and its application in China. Also, make us recognize about what China have to best offer to our Western reality, in matter of TCM clinical practice. This website will be a place where all TCM fans from all over the world will be welcome to look for reliable information, and also professional Acupuncture, Tui-na, and Chinese herbal Training Courses, and also Online Consultation from our renowned TCM Doctors.

The TCM Courses are given in the heavenly city of Chengdu in China. Our TCM School is named:

TCM Training Center of the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu TCM University.

We are the only TCM Training Center in China giving courses in Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Chinese. Our teachers are famous both in Chengdu TCM University and Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu TCM University.

Please, click in the link below, for more detailed information about our TCM Courses in China.

Visit the following video about Chengdu, this amazing Chinese City , one of the biggest in China.

We hope sincerely that this website could be the start of great help for Alternative Medicine and TCM fans in Western countries.

We want to be completely transparent and honest with you.

We hope sincerely that this website can be the start of a new phase of all TCM fans.


Join our TCM Internship + Tourism this September, October or November  2013 

  • Learn more about this powerfull traditional medicine.
  • Feel in yourself how wonderfull Traditional Chinese Medicine is.
  • See by your own eyes how miraculous Acupuncture is.
  • Contact with the ancient chinese culture that is full of wisdom and kindness.
  • Visit the most amazing cultural places in China.
  • Experience the chinese hospitality.
  • Make friends for a life time in a faraway land.

This TCM internship is what you are looking for, to gain confidende in Traditional Chinese Medicine and start this long journey of learning a truly interesting and effective medicine.

We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

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